About me

Welcome to Good at Everything! I’m Carrie and the truth is, I’m not good at everything. People seem to think I am though! I’m one of those people who will say yes to just about anything and figure out how to do it along the way. Sometimes it works out, other times, I have to try again until it does.

I live in a little town, just outside of Philadelphia, and am mom to my two kids, Izzie, 9 and Nate, 6, my dog, Omar, and two cats, Oscar and Louie. I started my career as a Marketing Communications Consultant for a Boston-based financial firm. A few years ago, that job ended and found myself at a crossroads. I decided to pursue my passion for real estate and became a real estate agent. Nothing like a major career change at 40!

I’ve started this blog as a way to pursue all of the things that I’m passionate about. This will change from day-to-day, based on what’s happening at any given moment. You see, life is a bit hectic, and priorities shift. Some days I can make cookies. Other days, I’m lucky if the kids get out of the house with all key parts of their bodies covered.

Along the way, I hope to cover lots of different topics, mainly cooking and entertaining, successes and failures, with funny stories about my crazy kids sprinkled in. There will be crafting posts – inspirations from Pinterest (where I spend way too much of my time). I will take you along on my travels, both near and far. Share my favorite things, offer parenting confessions and possible commentary on high-quality television.

I hope you enjoy – thanks for stopping by!

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