Cocktails and Crafting with Sweet Paul

On a lovely spring Sunday afternoon, my friend and I joined Sweet Paul for an event called “Cocktails and Crafting with Sweet Paul.” The event was held at one of the most beautiful and inspiring spaces in our area, Terrain. If I ever have unlimited funds, I may just move in. 


Sweet Paul, also known as Paul Lowe, is a lovely, kind, incredibly talented man who started a blog not long ago which quickly turned into an online magazine, then into a printed magazine and now he has his first cookbook out – called “Eat & Make.”  This book is beautifully crafted. It features recipes, crafts, along with a number of stories and quotes from Paul making it a truly personal piece of work. 


So, when I saw on his Facebook page that he would be coming to Terrain, I jumped right on board. (BTW, you should totally be following him on Facebook! – go ahead, click on the link. Just come back when you’re done!!) He chose a craft and a variation of a cocktail from his new book – Felted Vases (p. 99) and Roasted Apricot Bellinis (p. 160, Roasted Plum Bellinis).


Before we got down to crafting, Paul made us our cocktails…


I am in love with his shorts. Now for crafting… After a demonstration, we picked our vases and some wool and got to it.


Here’s what mine looked like, after I finished layering on the wool, in differing directions (and a little color):


For the next few steps of this project, we went outside – things were about to get a little messy… Unfortunately, I couldn’t get many pictures of that process, because I was covered in dish soap and water. For the sake of my fancy camera and book sales, I chose to stay on task. Basically, we sprinkled some dish soap all around the wool, and doused it with hot water and patted the wool until the wool was saturated and starting to take shape. Then we doused it in cold water and repeated the patting. The idea was to shock the wool into shrinking around the bottle. We alternated hot and cold water for a few rounds, then switched to rubbing the wool. This further fixed the wool in place. Once the fibers found their way tightly around the bottle, we gave them a good rinse and set them out to dry. With peonies and lilacs, of course.


Mine’s the one all the way to the right, with the blue stripes. I was pretty pleased with how it came out!! If you want to try this project out yourself, please turn to his book – there are much better instructions there. Plus, it’s just lovely. All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon. If you ever have the chance to meet Sweet Paul in person, definitely do. Tell him I said ‘hi!’ In the meantime, go get his book, Eat & Make you will just love getting lost and inspired. Enjoy!

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