A fun afternoon

A few weekends ago, I took Izzie and my niece, Brooke, into Philadelphia to help paint a mural that will be going up along the Schuylkill River. Many of you probably already know that Philadelphia is widely recognized as an epicenter for mural arts, mainly because of the efforts of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Anywhere you go in the city, you can find one of these fantastic installations. They tell a history of Philadelphia that is not represented in  museums or monuments. They highlight important figures, struggles, triumphs, while encouraging expression through art and community. The mural that we worked on is called the Philly Rowing Mural and it tells the story of rowing in Philadelphia. There will be two murals, one on each side of the river, under the Girard Bridge.

When we arrived, we saw different sections of the mural on a thick canvas, laid out on tables. Each section had a pencil sketch of the scene, with numbers in the different areas (Paint by numbers! I can do this!).


Once we knew where we were going to paint, we headed over to the paint station where we picked up little cups of paint with the corresponding numbers and our brushes.


Then we went to work.


While we were painting, we tried to figure out what part of the mural we were working on. We were all sure it was the water. We were wrong – we actually were working on mostly the boat, the rower, and just some of the water:


See the second panel from the bottom (with all the white patches)? That’s what we worked on (with a group of other people)…


The girls were so excited to be a part of this. Especially because Brooke’s sister, my niece, Julia, rows crew for her high school and will pass by these murals every time she rows. I was thrilled that Philly Mural Arts made this opportunity available to the community. I love that we had a little part in this.

Don’t they look excited?


If you are ever looking for something to do in Philly, the Mural Arts Program offers all sorts of tours of the murals, including walking, trolley, bus, and self-guided. They also offer numerous other community activities. And if you find yourself along the Schuylkill River, look for our mural and think of us. I think we did an awesome job. I may have to quit being a blogger to become a full-time artist.

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