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I had the most enjoyable Sunday afternoon yesterday. My friend Megan, who I have known longer than I can remember, came over for a visit. She and I were the best of friends as children. We would have great sleepovers, we went to sleep-away camp together, we were Brownies and Girl Scouts together, her mom made us silver dollar pancakes in bed, her father tied my beloved teddy bear to a tree with a ransom note… You know, the usual kid stuff. But best of all, we played Barbies. All the time. Here we are in 1981:


Cute, right? Here we are today:


I know what you’re thinking – did she just post the same picture twice?? Nope – the second one was taken just yesterday. I promise. Anyway, she is also very good at a lot of things – she is a gifted artist, award-winning, even – she won the public vote in the Washington Post 2012 Holiday Craft Contest for her stunning Pysanky eggs.

She is also an avid knitter. Knitting is something that I have never tried – though, not so long ago, my friend suggested someone make a Bauble Sheep Pillow for our annual fund raiser at our kids’ school (we have two sheep on campus – so the pillow would be a huge hit). I thought, how hard can this be??? According to several of my friends who knit, it could be pretty difficult… So, I decided I should learn how to knit, so someday, in the not so distant future, I could produce this fabulous sheep.

Megan generously offered to teach me and I had my first lesson on Sunday. I thought I would make this post a tutorial, but the truth is, I still have a lot to learn. And a lot of practice to do. Instead, I’ll share the websites that Megan recommended for great tutorials and guidance – knittinghelp.com has tons of short videos that you can watch to perfect your stitches. She also suggested ravelry.com, an online community of knitters and crocheters. It’s hard core, but a great resource as one gets more into it. Folks post pictures of their projects along with patterns, yarn, suggestions, etc. For instance, over 75 people have already done the sheep project – if things don’t work out, I’ll just offer one of them some cash…

In order to advance to the sheep, Megan gave me a homework assignment – 4 dishtowels. All different patterns. If I can master those, she assures me that I can master the sheep. I’m about 1/4 of the way through my first dishtowel. I’m getting the hang of it.


I’m a long ways away from baubles, but, you know me, I’m good at everything, I’m sure this will be no different…

The added bonus is that Megan also taught my daughter, who was reluctant at first, but picked it up again this evening. Instead of reading stories tonight, we knitted together. It was really sweet.  

Lots of love, Carrie

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  1. Great job! Keep at it! For me the hardest thing about knitting is that it takes me so long for each project. I’m a slow knitter, even after many years, and I often joke that it takes me longer to make a baby blanket than it takes to make a baby! Good luck!

  2. What a lovely post! I’m sure you’ll get to the sheep soon!
    Spending the afternoon with you was great – especially so because your amazing daughter joined us !

    • Thanks, Megan!! I have to get through my homework assignments first! Thanks for sharing some time with us – it was great to catch up.

  3. Once I start getting some sleep, I’d love to knit with you and Iz! I need to get back on track. A designated knitting night would definitely help!

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